Sustainably hand crafted products for every nook and corner of our dream home

Nook is set up with a vision to accessorize every nook & corner of our homes into dream spaces where love & happiness is felt.

Why Nook? Coming back home after long day at work, signifies comfort, coziness and happiness with our family and ourselves. At Nook, we are trying to add to that feeling with our earthy nature-inspired collection that will have calming effect on you.

The core of our brand is sustainability. Our collection has a range of handcrafted products made of premium sustainable materials with durable and functional designs. These products are produced in small batches and packaged with biodegradable and organic packaging materials. While no single product can be 100% eco-friendly, we are committed to minimize our impact on the earth and we plan our collection with that in mind.

Our products are developed by artisans from small towns & cities who work day & night to earn their livelihood. Unfortunately, some of them do not get the opportunity to showcase their work to wider markets. With that in mind, we bring some of their finest pieces to you.

We ensure top quality with best materials & testing over time. As we embark on this journey, we really encourage you to provide us your feedback – it will really help us in improving & bringing more & better to you.

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